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welcome to my webpage!

updated 12.4.2022

my name is armpit, but you can also call me cupid or anything really. i have no preference

this is a multifandom account that i use to be able to express myself freely through the art i produce. my current main obsession is ensemble stars but that isn't the only fandom i'm in. don't be surprised if i post danganronpa or a different interest.

this page will contain R18 dark/problematic fictional content.

this includes artwork and writing, exploring a variety of different subject matter. please proceed with caution or do not interact.

i also do art commissions and play games. all of which you're free to ask me for in dms if we're friendly..

favorite characters

this isn't a full list. just the ones youll see the most art of.

ensemble stars

  • leo tsukinaga
  • kanata shinkai
  • aira shiratori
  • izumi sena


  • kokichi ouma
  • shuichi saihara
  • kaede akamatsu
  • tsumugi shirogane

genshin impact

  • scaramouche
  • razor
  • venti
  • diluc